To make the street Michel [tuː ˈmeɪk ðə ˈstriːt Michel]

Fig. A. An American in Paris.

[tuː ˈmeɪk ðə ˈstriːt Michel] (french OK)
There are old-fashioned expressions that flourish in the nineteenth-century of Pantruche, the confined atmosphere of the cab, the gas nozzle and the sword-cane ready to slaughter the ugly, and which are in fact obsolete. So is it to make the street Michel.

This former walkway of the Parisian wall, located in the current Marais (metro Rambuteau and Arts et Métiers for the fussy), took the name of street Michel-le-Comte around 1270, in all likelihood as a tribute to a noble any. Nothing very noticeable therefore. And yet, it was a boulevard to the sweet old-fashioned …

Is it because of confusion between the count and the account that the street Michel was decked a few centuries later with the meaning we now know, that of a debt cleared or more broadly a good suit? Two homophones and an orthographic misunderstanding at the origin of a truculent obsolete? Why not after all, sometimes it takes less.

Placed very appropriately, making the street Michel will bring a gavrochienne touch at the conclusion of a well-conducted negotiating speech with civilized content. A slight note called « boulevards » that I advise you to master your acceptance of connivance of good quality, a complicity of counter, a subtle Rimbaldian who will categorize you as a poet of the suburbs. A bad boy side that will appeal to all circumstances, especially women, believe me on parole.

Be careful, however, not to abuse: it makes the street Michel can not be used in signing a contract (it will be satisfying with the traditional mention « read and approved »), a marriage proposal (a simple yes emotion will suffice for posterity) or a treaty of international peace (always imbued with a certain solemnity, I can not do anything about it). Know how to remain dignified and reasonable, and do not make me say what I did not say: everything can not make the street Michel!

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